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8:30AM - 4:30PM

A Place For Seniors To Come & Have Fun Together 


What We Do

Providing Day Care Service & Community Activities For Seniors & Disabled Adults


Compassion. Innovation. Trust


United Adult Day Center is a day care service provider focuses on the culture, needs, and personal autonomy of our seniors within the Asian-American community of Saint Louis City. We offers a place for clients in our program to hang out, socialize, and enjoy traditional food catered to their taste.

• We specialize in Asian American traditions, needs and etiquette.

• Providing fun, engaging games and activities aim to help seniors staying active and positive.


• We also assist seniors in social services and benefits.

The Center Offers A Wide Range Of Senior-Focused Activities

Cue Sport, Chess, Soulful Reading,
And More

Our center provides fun, engaging games that promote light exercise to help our seniors stay sharp in focus and awareness. We have: Billiards, Table-Soccer, Bingo, to Xiangqi, Chess, Horse-Ludo, etc.

Moreover, our little library comprises a wide array of insightful, contemporary Vietnamese publications and literatures.

Delicious Asian Food

Tuong Dinh - our Chef - is a professional cook with a spiritual approach to Asian culinary principles. His passion for cooking has triumphed the hearts of many, even the most difficult grandmothers.

With hand-picked ingredients and a strict healthy attitude, Dinh always set out to satisfied his audience both in their taste, and their soul;


While never compromising on nutrition & food safety.

Special Events &
Professional Guests

We host thoughtful, exciting events like birthday celebration and healthcare presentations from guest doctors & local specialists, bringing useful information & levity to the community.


We also work with our local pharmacies to provide vaccination services and general check-ups that is close-to-home for our seniors.


Our Facility Emphasizes A Sense Of Comfort & Homecoming

We aim to cultivate a familial atmosphere for all who come to us


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(314) 329-6099

4670 Lansdowne Ave,

Saint Louis, MO 63116, USA

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