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Care You Can Count On

Because Your Life Matters


Your chosen compassionate staffs are trained to thoroughly provide a range of personal care services while still respecting a person’s dignity - enabling your loved one to preserve their independence.


This includes:

  • Medicine reminders

  • Help to dress

  • Incontinence-related care

  • Skin and hair care

  •  Help with morning and evening routine

  • Variety of motion exercises 

  • Bathing (shower, bed bath, tub)

  • Providing administrative assistance for seniors and disabled adults

  • Helping clients choose their own caregivers, such as family, friends, and neighbors

  • We also have trained caregivers and RNs available though our sister's agency: United In-Home Care.


In-Home Service

In-home service allows the care recipient to stay at home but still receives the best care.

This service includes personal care, nurse visit, housekeeping, and respite.


Personal Care

Personal care is similar to In-Home, the care recipient can receive care at their own homes.

This service focuses on people with disability and people without special care.

The recipient must be able to self-directed what they need to the personal care attendant.


Social Services

Help with food stamps, Supplemental Security Income (SSI), Medicaid, Personal Tax Return,

and more

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